Connection refused when i used NOSQLBOOSTER and Compass

i have installed NosqlBooster and trying to connect to altas rarely its get connected

I have whitelisted IP addresses as well as created different database users ., Tried VPN , tried firewall and antivirus enable and disable but not worked for me.

Tried on compass but same error

Even tried all stackoverflow answers

Please help me to resolve this issue.Screenshot_12

Hi @kunal_gharate,

Would like to know couple of details about your system and the way you’re connecting. Would like to know following things:

Your OS
NoSQLBooster version
Do you have any SSH details left in the SSH tab of NoSQLBooster?
Do you have any data / collection yet in the database you’re trying to access?

I just downloaded it and connected to both a localhost MongoDB and an Atlas Cluster with NoSQLBooseter. I run a public read-only cluster at mongodb+srv:// can you try connecting to that cluster to see if it works? (yes. the username is readonly and the password is readonly, you can only query this cluster). I just verified it works with NoSQLBooster (Version 6.2.13 (6.2.13)) for me.

OS = WIN 10/64bit

there is option for ssh in nosql
Yes in my altas have 100+ records

same nosqlbooster and db working for my friend

Is this what your test URL looks like?

Are you by any chance using a proxy server that blocks port 27017?

Try switching DNS provider by using Google’s and It looks like your current provider does not support the new seedlist feature of modern name servers. If that is the case I would also be scared of un-installed security patches.

Try this URL:


This removes the SRV requirement. Note the addition of ssl=true.

Yes, its working on different IP address

Does that mean that the long form URL worked? i.e. it was your name server not parsing the mongodb+srv:// URL format?

The issue with operating system I have reset my network setting and after that it’s working normally .

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