Connection problem .working fine then just got error. .. any guidance appreciated

Hi guys< any thoughts on why this connection suddenly started to throw an error?
we have not changed any other settings in BE or DB

any guidance appreciated.

Hello @Michael_Grosman ,

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It seems the user you logged in with do not have the createIndex privilege. make sure the user has readWrite roles assigned in order to create the index.


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Thanks Tarun
the permission has not changed and the connection has been working perfectly for months,
suddenly it stops and we did not change any permission.

is there another reason for the connection to not allow connection??

Hi @Michael_Grosman ,

The user doesn’t have the role for connectonume database mentioned in the error message. Could you please provide me with below details:

  • version of MongoDB Node.js driver and any ODMs used (eg Mongoose)
  • type of deployment (standalone, replica set, or sharded cluster)
  • when the problem was first observed
  • how often the problem occurs
  • is this reproducible after the application server is restarted?

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