Connection between AWS glue to Mongodb using aws endpoint

Hi Team,
i have set up aws endpoint connection between Mongodb to access our db through the endpoint privately. now i am able to access Mongodb through the ec2 instance. but we are running one glue job and we have created one network connection by using same VPC and subnet but we are not able to connect mongodb . kindly help us on that .

Hi @Shehzad_Ali,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community!

It seems like there may be a configuration issue on the AWS end - may be related to security groups. However, I found a blog that provides an overview of how to utilize the AWS Glue crawler with MongoDB Atlas, (fully-managed cloud database). Please refer to the blog for more details: Introducing MongoDB Atlas Metadata Collection with AWS Glue Crawlers.

Additionally, I suggest referring to Troubleshooting connection issues in AWS Glue or opening a similar thread with relevant details at the AWS community (, as they have expertise in AWS Glue Crawler and may be able to provide you with a relevant solution.

Please let us know how it goes, and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or feedback.