Connection always closed to connect with my free cluster

Hi! :raised_hand:

In the last days I can’t connect to my free cluster, I put the my IP address in the Network IP list but always receive connection to IP ADDRESS closed.

I use a VPN and never get this error.

Someone can help me?

We’ll need more information to try and help. Provide the following details:

  • Full error message (redacting any personal or sensitive information).
  • How are you trying to connect? (MongoDB Compass, MongoDB Driver, mongosh, etc)
  • Details regarding the above if connecting via driver:
    • Driver version
    • Specific driver in use
  • When you state use a VPN and never get this error, are you talking about 1 client able to connect over the VPN and another not being able to connect?
  • Any environment details from the client getting the connection error (Running on a locally hosted VM? VM hosted on the cloud? etc.)
  • The last time you were able to successfully connect.