Connecting to MongoDB on vServer not possible

HI guys,
I am quite new to MOngoDB.
I installed it on my virtual Linux server and want to connect via MongoDB Compass. But I get a time out and did not know why.
Can somebody assist a newbie? :wink:

Welcome to MongoDB community.

May be firewall issues
Did you try from another location
Can you connect by shell
Is your mongod up and running and on what port
What type of connect string are you using

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Mongod should be up because Iโ€™m using Strapi based on this db and it works.

I opened the port 27017 with TCP on my server

Please show how you are connecting
Are you using SRV string or long form of string or fill individual params option?
Screenshot of exact error.Just timeout error or timeout with xxx ms?

Oh sorry. After I opened the port everything works :slight_smile:

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