Connecting to MongoDB in Java

As part of the course " Connecting to MongoDB in Java", i have installed IntelliJ and trying to follow the steps given in the guide with MongoDB java drivers. But when i try to run connection command it says "mvn’ not found or compile not found.
I have configured pom.xml and as mentioned. But in guide not mentioned where i should create etc.
So it will be great if i have full guide step by step from which driver i have to use and where i have to create and where i have to run mvn etc. Please help.

You need to install maven. That’s the mvn command.

HI Jack,
My IntelliJ has Maven already. I have attached the plugin’s already installed in IntelliJ i have

Also here i have given the screenshot of the erro i am getting while running command to connect mongodb


I don’t use IntelliJ (nor Windows) but the error makes it clear that, even though you have Maven support in IntelliJ, the mvn executable is not being found at the shell command line.

If IntelliJ support for Maven includes a full mvn system, maybe you can find that executable and add it to the shell %PATH%. Otherwise, look on the Maven website for instructions on installing Maven on Windows.