Connecting to a Shared Mongodb on Atlas Azure using a single servername or ip

Hi All,

I am trying to set up a connection to a Shared MongoDB hosted on Atlas Azure.
I Have made succesfull connections using mongosh and Compass. This was easy, get the right connection string and you are done.
However I have a supplier application here. The supplier said it was easy to set up…
But the connection console only allows for a server name, and a separate text box for username, password port and database. No option for a connection string. Against my logical sense I have tried entering my primary server name, but this resulted in the message “Cannot connect to database” with no further info.
Do I need a M10 setup for this, with a peering connection? Before I open my companies credit card, I want to be sure this is a realistic option… otherwise I have a not so nice chat with the supplier to look forward to…

I just needed the cluster adress name. But the application had a bug the caused this not too work.


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