Connecting PowerBI to a local instance of mongodb

Hello MongoDB community,

I am evaluating the potential use of MongoDB enterprise edition as an intermediate data source for a PowerBI integration.
I have created an instance on my UAT server following the standard instance and checked that I can upload documents and read them in the standard way.

I understand I need to have an AtlasSQL instance to connect PowerBI to this database. Is it possible to set up an AtlasSQL instance ontop of my mongodb instance for this to work? Or to possibly create something similar to a read only replica in MongoDB Atlas that connects to my MongoDB database and I can connect to?

The reason for storing data in this way is for data location and security requirements.

Hi there! Welcome to our community! My name is Alexi and I am the PM for Atlas SQL and the BI Connector. If you have your data within Atlas, our Atlas SQL Power BI connector is a great way to connect. As you mentioned, you could replicate your data from EA on prem to Atlas for the purposes of performing various tasks, including analytics. I have a few customers that are doing this today. They use mongo mirror to accomplish the replication.

Alternatively, you could connect from your on-premise EA MongoDB cluster to Power BI using our self hosted on prem BI Connector and the option for ODBC connection. This method of connection (via MongoDB BI Connector) will be supported, but will eventually be replaced within the next few years.

Hope this helps on your analytic journey!

Hi Alexi,

I have a clarification. If i want to access an on-premise MongoDB from PowerBI Cloud service, is there another option other than replicating the on-premise data to MongoDB Atlas on the cloud, and then have Power BI connecting to MongoDB Atlas (using the Atlas SQL interface, MongoDB Atlas SQL interface connector (Beta) - Power Query | Microsoft Learn)?

Hi @Ivan_Phoon welcome to the community. As of right now, for on premise mongodb data access the only method is the BI Connector. And while the BI Connector supports Power BI, it does not support direct query. I am collecting some requirements now regarding replacing our on-premise BI Connector and I should have more details about what is to come soon. I have noted that you are looking for a connector for Power BI Cloud/Service to an on-premise mongodb instance. Please let me know if there are some other functions I should capture for your use case.

Thank you Alexi for your quick response. I look forward to any updates, suggestions you may have. Cheers.