Connecting Azure Power BI Embedded to MongoDB

I need to connect MongoDB 7.0 to Azure Power BI Embedded (on Cloud), i am able to connect MongoDB 7.0 to Power BI Desktop. How to connect to MongoDB 7.0 , deployed on Azure VM, to Azure Power BI Embedded (on Cloud). So that i can embed the reports in applications.

Please let me know if there are any suggesstions?

It will be of great help.

check below

  1. Expose MongoDB:
  • Configure Azure VM’s MongoDB to allow external connections.
  1. Update Connection String:
  • In Power BI Desktop, modify the MongoDB connection string with VM’s public IP/DNS and port.
  1. Enable Authentication:
  • Ensure MongoDB has authentication configured (username and password).
  1. Power BI Workspace:
  • Create or choose a workspace in Power BI service for embedding reports.
  1. Get Embed Token:
  • Use Power BI REST API to generate an embed token for your workspace.
  1. Embed Report:
  • Use Power BI JavaScript library to embed the report in your application.

Will the embedded dashboard, in the application, be a live dashboard receiving live data from the connected MongoDB?