Connecting AWS Costs and Bills on Atlas Charts

I don’t know whether this can be a feature request or something already present in Atlas but I don’t know about it.

I have a Peering Connection with my AWS account on my Mongo Atlas account. Recently, I saw that Atlas launched a Billing dashboard to monitor your Atlas Costs over a range of time. Does Atlas have some plugin or feature where we can import only the costs/billing data from our AWS account (one connected with Atlas using a Peering connection)?

Maybe, we can add a custom IAM role in our AWS account using which Atlas can have only the specific permission(s) to fetch the costs/billing data from our AWS account.

Just exploring the possibility of having a unified cloud costs dashboard all in one place.

Would love to know the thoughts of the community on the same :smiley:

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Hi @Anuj_Panchal1,

My interpretation is that you would like to see ( AWS ↔ Atlas ) specific related billing show up on the Atlas billing dashboard as well as only Atlas related costs but please correct me if i’m wrong here. If this is the case, I’d recommend raising this as a feedback request on the MongoDB feedback engine where others can vote for it :slight_smile:


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Yes, Jason. You are right. I will put up a request on the MongoDB Feedback Engine. Thank you!

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