Connect to MongoDB by directory

Hi everyone. I’m sorry but I’m an enduser and not a developer. I use an app in a docker container and the app stores data in a mongo DB. I need to modify a list of users stored in the DB (the app doesn’t provided for that itself). I have access to the MongoDB directory where the all the container files and wiredtiger files are stored. I’m able to bring up mongoDB outside the docker but can’t figure out how to tell Mongo to use the containers in that directory. Is this at all possible? How would I do that. Remember, I’m not a developer so keep that in mind when you answer. I really appreciate an help you can give. I’ve been struggling with this for quite a while now. Thanks in advance

Never mind. I figured out where MongoDB stored its’ data. I just replaced all of it with the directory that was holding with my database and then used studio-3t to edit it.