Connect Power BI Microsoft Power Platform to MongoDB Atlas


I have a question. Is it possible to have a multicloud connection from PowerBI (part of the Microsoft Power Platform) to MongoDB Atlas? Or we have to ask Microsoft if they can provide us a BI Connector to connect Power BI Power Platform to Atlas?
We know the functionality exists with PowerBI Desktop, but now we have a requirement to link our PowerBI cloud to Atlas.

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Hi @Veronika_Petrova My name is Alexi Antonino and I am the Product Manager for the MongoDB BI Connector as well as a new feature (in Preview soon) called Atlas SQL Interface. The Atlas SQL Interface, connects Atlas Data to SQL based BI tools. The difference from Atlas BIC to Atlas SQL is that the underlying dialect is not MySQL it is our own MongoSQL dialect that is SQL-92 compatible and affords us the ability to add in MongoDB specific functions to perform operations necessary for our document data (e.g. flattening & unwinding). Not only does Atlas SQL have this new dialect to translate SQL to MQL, we have also built a JDBC Driver and we are in the process of building an ODBC Driver. Another difference between Atlas BI Connector and Atlas SQL, is that we plan to build custom connectors to some of the most used tools. We are in the process of building a MongoDB Atlas Tableau Connector and will then build one for Power BI/Power Query.
I wanted to give you this context, because your timing is good so that I can review our existing plan for the Power BI Connector and see if this includes PowerBI cloud. For reference, we are planning to have this new MongoDB Atlas SQL Power BI Connector later this year. I will keep you posted as to whether this first version will support PowerBI Cloud. And feel free to email me directly



Thank you, Alexi!
That’s a good news.

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