Confused about data returned after querying a mongodb service in Incoming Webhooks

I queried my mongodb service expecting my data to look like the following:
name: “Jane Doe”,
age: 32

…using the code"mongodb-atlas").db("MyDB").collection("Persons").find({name: "Jane Doe"})

Instead I got the this:
“name”: “Jane Doe”,
“age”: {
“$numberInt”: “32”

How do I make the query fetch the data in the format I want? When I make the same query with the pymongo the data returned is in the form I expected.

Additional questions:

  1. What is the second form called? I tried to google what ‘$numberInt’ means and its context but got nothing so far. Will continue to look into it while I wait for answers for the main question. EDIT: Found it. It’s called MongoDB Extended JSON

UPDATE: My colleague has taught me how to convert it to the more familiar JSON on Python. I’m currently trying to find out how to do that in the function editor of the Incoming Webhook.

json_util – Tools for using Python’s json module with BSON documents — PyMongo 3.11.4 documentation have you tried json_options=RELAXED_JSON_OPTIONS ?