Configuration file of mongosqld

I am getting the following error message:

D:>mongosqld --config D:\MongoDB\Connector for BI\2.14\bin\mongosqld.conf
failed to start due to configuration error: error parsing command line options: Unexpected argument(s): [for BI\2.14\bin\mongosqld.conf]
try ‘mongosqld --help’ for more information

My mongosqld.conf is very simple:
path: ‘D:\MongoDB\Connector for BI\2.14\logs\mongosqld.log’
port: 3307

I followed the instructions from I don’t have any idea what I am doing wrong. I tried double-quotes. I used / instead of . Any idea?

Your snapshot does not show double quotes for the path.What error you get if double quotes used?Due to space in your path quotes are must

This snapshot is showing how I have my mongosqld.conf. When I mentioned that I used double quotes is because that it was one of my attempts. I am receiving the same error message: failed to start due to configuration error: error parsing command-line options: Unexpected argument(s):

I am referring to the first command in your post.Please add double quotes to this part “D:/…/…/mongosqld.conf”

I got the same error message.

Since your conf file is under bin why don’t you run just this from bin dir

mongosqld --config mongosqld.conf

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This helped. Thanks. Now, I am facing other problems.