Compound index creation failed and no error logs

Hi Team,

I have a dev env database with a collection size of 2.5 Billion records. The are 5 existing regular indexes. I am trying to create a new compound index with 2 fields using the Mongo Compass tool.

I have tried with more than 5 times and it’s failing. Each time it takes more than 8 hours and fails. How can I debug it? Where can I find the error logs?

I am new MongoDb so please let me know what else info I can provide. appreciate the help.

Other existing 5 indexes size:
_id: 100.4 GB
index_1: 78 GB
index:_2: 100.4 GB
index_3: 78 GB
index_4: 95.8 GB

Logs are your best bet. Usually logs will be found in /var/log/mongo/mongod.log on a linux system.

Check the mongod configuration file to be certain or you could run db.serverCmdLineOpts()

Another limited option is getLog

In either case a good starting point will be to filter on "c":"INDEX"

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