Compile MongoDB v6 For Pinebook Pro?

So, I have been stuck with MongoDB v4 for quite a while, and would love to work with a newer version of MongoDB, unfortunately there is nothing pre-compiled for my cpu, so it looks like I will be needing help compiling MongoDB…

I never compiled anything before, so I actually asked an AI, and I think I AMAZINGLY actually got pretty far.

I worked out my command:
scons install-core --disable-warnings-as-errors -j2

I also added some configuration to SConstruct as AI instructed:

    CCFLAGS=['-march=armv8-a', '-mcpu=cortex-a73', '-mtune=generic'],
    CFLAGS=['-march=armv8-a', '-mcpu=cortex-a73', '-mtune=generic'],
    CXXFLAGS=['-march=armv8-a', '-mcpu=cortex-a73', '-mtune=generic'],

I ended up running into an error:

src/mongo/db/stats/counters.h: At global scope:
src/mongo/db/stats/counters.h:225:47: error: static assertion failed: cache line spill
  225 |     static_assert(sizeof(decltype(_together)) <= stdx::hardware_constructive_interference_size,

Let me know where I went wrong, or if this is just an impossible for my cpu architecture. Thanks in advace everyone!