Compile MongoDB 6.0 to not need AVX procesor hardware virtualization

Hello Everyone My name is Jose Manuel

I am trying to test a RH9 Enterprise Linux Server with graylog server, graylog is a program to take logs and use MongoDB and openseach, the problem is that graylog 5.0 version needs mongodb 5.0 or 6.0 (with redhat9 is 6.0) and that versions of MongoDB use Virtualization Procesor (AVX if my mind don´t fail), so the question is can I compile MongoDB 6.0 to not need AVX?

I hope you can understandme, if somebody have some question please ask to me.

Best regards. Thanks a lot.

Hello Bros

I made a new installation and all works but I don´t know what ever made wrong a few months ago, really sorry.

Best regards.