Compasss Ver 1.18.0 issue or MongoDb issue?

we dont see the Schema type as one of columns after connecting to Databases. Not sure if its compass issue or MongoDB has stopped sharing the schema view

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You must download the full version of compass, not the community edition to see the schema tab.


that worked. Thanks Nicklas … !! Probably Could you mark this as note under the basics i.e M001 course, i hope It will be use full for others like me.

Hey @Manjunath_44582

From the lecture notes on the Video titled Connecting to MongoDB Using Compass from Chapter 1

Please not I did not add the emphasis

  1. Please download Compass from the MongoDB Download Center . If you downloaded Compass before today, please make sure you are using latest (Stable) version of Compass and upgrade if necessary. Please ensure you don’t download “Community Edition Stable” version.
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