Compass VS NOSQLBooster


I’m running code on Compass and get an error message
Same code referring to the same collection on NoSQLBooster running perfect, does anyone can help on that?
This is the code on NOSQLbooster after running

This is the code copied from Compass:

[{$match: {


}}, {$unwind: 
  path: "$Agent_Policy_Data",

}, {$project: {
Policy_Id:{$concat:["$Agent_Policy_Data.POLICY_NO"," "]}, 
 dateDifference:{$toInt:{ $divide: [{ $subtract: [ new Date(),{$toDate:("$Agent_Policy_Data.NEXT_RENEWAL_DATE")} ] },1000*60*60*24]}} ,
init:{ $lte:[{ $subtract: [ new Date(),{$toDate:("$Agent_Policy_Data.NEXT_RENEWAL_DATE")} ] },30]}

 }}, {$match: {
}}, {$count: 'My_count'}]

this is the error message on compass: