Compass GUI not loading after latest version update - win 10

Hi, updated my version of Compass to 1.40.0 yesterday, on windows 10 pro. Now the GUI simply does not load. I see 3 mongo processes running in task manager, but no GUI. I uninstalled, and even tried reinstalling the older version (1.39.3) but now its just not loading the GUI.

VS Code plugin still connects, but I would like to use Compass still, and it was working until I installed the upgrade.

I found the answer in this thread - thanks @Daryl_Anderson . I also found that Compass would not open until I deleted the directory “%APPDATA%\MongoDB Compass”. Note this worked but deleted all my connections and history etc, but wasnt a major problem for me.

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Hi Matt

Is there any chance you still have your “%APPDATA%\MongoDB Compass\AppPreferences\General.json” file? There might have been something in there that caused an error that wasn’t caught properly.

Le Roux

Sorry @Le_Roux_Bodenstein I got rid of the files completely.

I have the same problem, I’ll keep the files backedup in case you need it but I’m defnitely following the advice to get Compass working. Let me know how i can send it to you.

Hi Arno

On windows the preferences file should be in AppData\Roaming\MongoDB Compass\AppPreferences\General.json

On Mac ~/Library/Application Support/MongoDB Compass/AppPreferences/Global.json

and on Linux ~/.config/MongoDB Compass/AppPreferences/General.json

You can just open it in a text editor and copy/paste the text. Or have a look and see if you can spot if it is valid/invalid JSON.

On which operating system are you and which version of Compass is this? We released version 1.40.2 that should work around the problem of corrupted preferences.

Oh and the newer version should also catch the error and show it in a dialog. It would be useful to get that error message as well.

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