Compass fails to connect: self signed certificate in certificate chain, Robo3T connects successfully

HI there… I have the following connection string I’ve used to successfully connect using Robo3T but it fails in Compass:


error: “self signed certificate in certificate chain”.

I’m using a pasted connection string. I don’t have access to the server config to check any settings. Is my connection string valid? any help appreciated.


Hi @jeremyfiel

You will have to change the compass settings. I’ve had a similar experienced with a Private CA.

Once you have pasted in your connection string click on the ‘Fill in connection fields individually’ then ‘More Options’

The SSL drop down has many options. If you have a copy of the certificate then user the ‘Server Validation’ option the select the path to the certificate.

Otherwise use the ‘Unvalidated’ option.

thanks for your reply.
I tried both

Server Validation with the .crt
both are returning: “Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established”


So you have a new error than the one initially reported. With your Robo3T connection was that already set up or was it literally copy pasted into Robo3t and works ?

If mTLS is configured I would expect a different error but I have not used mTLS with Compass.