Compass Connection error stating "Protocol and host list are required"

Hello MongoDB experts-
I have worked the entire weekend trying to get this to work and am giving up to ask you all.

I am working with Kafka Connect and am following this example for using a MongoDB source: GitHub - lydtechconsulting/kafka-connect-debezium-mongodb: Spring Boot application demonstrating using Kafka Connect for Change Data Capture (CDC) to publish outbound events to Kafka from MongoDB

However, I am using minikube via wsl so I am deploying zookeeper, kafka, kafka-connect, and mongodb instead of using docker-compose.

I can get all this to work except I can not get MongoDB COMPASS TO CONNECT! I want to be able to see the data via the GUI. I get this error: Protocol and host list are required in “mongodb:///” or “ENOTFOUND” for other combinations.

I have tried all sorts of combination and permutations with the service names and url and what minikube has the port number and service name as and cannot find the magic combination.


kmapoc kafka-connect-service
kmapoc kafka-service
** kmapoc mongodb
kmapoc zookeeper-service
----------- ----------------------- ------------- ------------------------

Please help!! Thanks in advance-