Compass 1.31.1 not showing database on Mac OS Monterey 12.3.1

I’ve been using Compass 1.31.1 successfully for months. Yesterday I went to use it and it connected fine to my MongoDB Atlas cluster, but neither my database nor collections appear in the UI.

From the MongoSH tab at the bottom I can query my collections fine.

Within the MongoDB website ( I can see everything and i’ve tried copying the connection details again in case something changed, but no luck.

I’ve uninstalled Compass, and even tried on a new machine but same behaviour everywhere. I recently upgraded my Macs to Monterey 12.3.1 but it’s not clear as to whether this may be a red herring.

Any ideas what’s going on please?


Is your atlas cluster an M0/M2/M5?

It’s an M2 cluster.


We’re having the same issue with 1.31.1 and Monterey. Any clues on how to fix it?

Issue solved on our side with 1.31.2 update.


Thanks, that’s fixed for me. :+1:

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