Compass 1.15.4 (stable) version download not starting

After providing the details when i click to start download, Download is not starting.

Hi Asif,

I started download yesterday and its 154 MB and took 3 hours and the download started after 3 minutes. I believe there is a lot of traffic as the course has just started perhaps thousands of parallel downloads for the same resource. I suggest you give it some time and see if it starts.

Hope that helps

It doesnt start the download after providing the details for about 15 mins. still no luck. Any ideas?? PLEASE HELP

Hello Mumtaz, Thank you. I waited for almost an hour still facing the same issue.

If can share the downloaded file via google drive that would be a great help for me, My mail id

Thank you in advance
Asif J K

Hope you are using correct link below is the correct link