Compact command execution time is more with MongoDB-3.6

Dear Members,
We are using the compact command in order to reduce the storage space of data and index.

As we have upgraded MongoDB version from MongoDB-3.4.0 to MongoDB-3.6.17.

We observed that the command compact execution time is more with MongoDB-3.6 and it took very less time with MongoDB-3.4.

We need your Support to confirm that the execution time for compact command is more with MongoDB-3.6.

Below are the environment details

  1. OS: Windows 10, architecture: “x64”,
  2. Platform: “Java/AdoptOpenJDK/11.0.6”
  3. mongodb Journals are enabled by default
  4. Mongod server version: db version v3.6.17

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Mohan,

I believe you have also opened a JIRA ticket about this: SERVER-48349. We should keep the discussion in that ticket so all information is available in a single place.

One thing I would note is that although you’re talking about the running time of the compact command, I don’t believe you mentioned whether any reduction in file size was actually visible in both 3.4.0 and 3.6.17. It might be worth putting that detail into the SERVER ticket.

Note that the 3.4 series is out of support since January 2020, and so it’s possible that you’re seeing the effect of an old bug or similar.

Best regards,