Community Day Trivia #22: When was MongoDB 1.0.0 released?

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When was MongoDB 1.0.0 released?

MongoDB version 1.0.0 was released Feb 2009

Hi @Michael,

Unfortunately that’s not the correct answer. Is there a more reliable source you could compare with?


Guess university is too long back, I was tough not to quote wikipedia…

Here is a better source 1.0 GA Released | MongoDB Blog
By this, and I’d vote that this is correct, MongoDB 1.0.0 went GA August 27th, 2009

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Hi @Michael,

That’s definitely a better source, although an even better source is the MongoDB source code on GitHub: Release r1.0.0 · mongodb/mongo · GitHub :wink: .

There’s a very meta article on Wikipedia: Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

The general notion is that Wikipedia might be eventually consistent via the collaborative effort of volunteer editors, but factual errors and opinions often creep in. You could cite GitHub release tag & official release announcements to support correcting software release dates.

February 2009 is actually the date of the first official MongoDB release: MongoDB 0.8.0.

If you’d like to become a Wikipedia contributor, there are some easy wins on the MongoDB page ;-).