Community Day Trivia #13: What SQL dialect does the latest version of the MongoDB Connector for BI support?

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What SQL dialect does the latest version of the MongoDB Connector for BI support?

MySQL: “The following tables list the various MySQL functions, constructors, and operators supported in MongoDB Connector for BI 2.2.”

The quote mentions version 2.2, but the latest version in the documents is 2.14. The information seems to be still current as of 2.14, as the quote is from the 2.14 docs.


Thanks @Christian_Wagner, that is the reference I hoped someone would find :wink:

For completeness:

  • There’s a reference to SQL Compatibility in the MongoDB Connector for BI version 2.0 release notes (when the protocol changed to MySQL):

    MongoDB Connector for BI Version 2.x is compatible with SQL-99 SELECT statements, and uses the MySQL wire protocol.

  • The Known Issues for MongoDB Connector for BI also mentions SQL Compatibility Issues:

    BI Connector Returns Empty Set Where MySQL Returns NULL Values