Community Day Trivia #1: What is the best podcast to hear discussions and interviews from the MongoDB developer community?

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What is the best podcast to hear discussions and interviews from the MongoDB developer community?

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THE MONGODB PODCAST :slight_smile:


Hi there can be only one answer
The MongoDB Podcast
Brought to us by Mike and Nic


Well its certainly the The MongoDB Podcast

The MongoDB Podcast is available on all major Podcast Networks including Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, among others. Each episode includes discussions, interviews, and content related to software development, databases and all things related to MongoDB.

‘The MongoDB Podcast features guest interviews including developers, startups, and founders with Developer Advocates Nic Raboy and Michael Lynn. Learn a bit about new and emerging technology, how to use the various MongoDB products and best practices, how organizations are using MongoDB, and what lead them to choose MongoDB over other databases.’


Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Christian_Wagner and thanks for the great answer!

I’ll be following up with a $100 Atlas promo code :slight_smile:



Thanks @Stennie, I appreciate it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The community day was great fun :sunglasses: and very informative. Especially good to see the founder of Realm share the history of the mobile database. I’m looking forward to make use of the rewards with Realm Sync as I am just preparing a mobile app for beta testing. This will help run the beta properly on a dedicated MongoDB Atlas cluster for production.


So delighted to see these answers! You can check out all of the episodes at And if you, or someone you know would like to be a guest on the podcast, please complete this guest nomination form. I’d love to talk with you or a friend about appearing on the podcast.