Community Day Session #22: 7.40pm EDT - Community Day Wrap-up

:seedling: Please share any questions, comments, or feedback about MongoDB Community Day 2021!

:green_book:Community Day Agenda & FAQs

:point_down: MongoDB Community Day 2021 Replay

:wave: Thank you to everyone who attended the Community Day 2021 live stream and participated in the event. I hope you enjoyed the sessions and learned something new and exciting!

Organising an 8 hour streaming meetup with global community guests and some rather different presentation formats was a new experience for the MongoDB DevRel team, too :wink: .

I expect it is rare to have sessions for one event ranging from tech talks to singing puppets and food preparation, but we wanted to highlight the most important aspect of our community: the amazing people!

A few things from the wrap-up:

  • :dart: We still have some Trivia Challenges looking for great answers. An accepted solution will earn you a promo code for US $100 Atlas credits. We’re trying to give more folks the opportunity to earn Atlas credits, so if there challenges without an accepted solution feel free to challenge the challengers with a better response.

  • :gift: We’d love your feedback! Please comment on the specific session topics (or in this wrap-up topic) with any feedback on what you loved/loathed/learned/longed for.

  • :raised_hands: Thanks to all of our guest speakers throughout the day and all the DevRel folks who helped make the event happen.

There are many who contributed to making the day successful, but a special shout-out to the Community Day team:


p.s. Do you know we have a MongoDB Podcast featuring @Michael_Lynn and co-hosts @nraboy and Jesse Hall?


Great job @Stennie and everyone on the Community/DevRel side! As a participant, it was very well done and I was glad to have this forum to share and interact with the community. Thanks for all that you do for us in the community!


Hello @Stennie and Community/DevRel Team(s), thank you very much for this great Community Day!

This must have been a humongous amount of work. Participating in sessions I never felt lost, everything was perfect organized and no stress around. This forum is a great place to share and interact with each other as a big community and it is also a gold mine of information for everyone looking for answers.

I’ll check in for CD22 :white_check_mark: