Community Day Session #19: 6:45pm EDT - Aggregation Anti-patterns with @Asya_Kamsky

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G’day folks! This session will be starting in about 5 minutes, but @Asya_Kamsky is already on the stream sampling what’s cooking with @Karen_Huaulme and @Drew_DiPalma :slight_smile:



Awesome session sketch from @David_Neal:


Thanks so much @Asya_Kamsky and @Guy_Harrison. I learned so much from this. Flexible Schema not no schema, I like the way that was put. Index wisely, always try to create compound indexes if possible. “No query is faster than a query you didn’t even send?” I’ll have to re-iterate to grasp that but I am gaining incremental understanding of how to model my data. Thanks so much for great breakdowns.

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I must have mangled that :-). What I meant to say was that There’s no query faster than the query you didn’t have to send. In other words, If you can avoid asking the database for some data that you already have you should do so. It’s surprising how often an application will grab something like a product code - which never changes - over and over again. Thanks for the feedback!