Community Day Session #14: 4:45pm EDT - Atlas Operator for Kubernetes with @Arkadiusz_Borucki

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G’day folks, this session is starting in about 5 minutes.


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Awesome session sketch from @David_Neal:


Thank you @Arkadiusz_Borucki ! Fantastic talk… I haven’t delved deeply into kube and your talk gave a great overview of the operator and how to get started. Truly appreciate your work!

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Thank you @Michael_Lynn ! It was a pleasure for me!

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:raised_hands: Thanks to the amazing team that helped put the day together and make sure it came off without a hitch… @Stennie @ado @Karen_Huaulme @AnaNoemi Jerzy Fischer @Jay_Javed @TimSantos @Manuel_Meyer @Anaiya_Raisinghani @Devin_O_Keefe @nraboy, Rita Rodrigues, Shane McAllister, Mark Porter and so many behind the scenes and in the MongoDB office. (I can only tag 10 forum users in a message :frowning_face: