Collation problem on Serverless instance

Hi, I’m using mongodb with mongoose for a NodeJs api and I have a problem with the missing of collation in Serverless instances.
In the API I give the possibility to sort by any value and paginate the results, here is a snippet of code:

const data = await User.find(paginatedQuery, User.getFields(fieldsToGet[role]), {
			sort: sorter,
			limit: +limit

where paginatedQuery is a query with some optional regex (on the frontend I have a search bar to filter users by name) and some other filters used to get the pagination done.

The problem is that when I sort by a String field because I would use the .collation({ locale: 'en' }) which is not supported on Serverless. Is there another way I can sort the results alphabetically as I need? I can’t do that after I got the result because the pagination is based on the sorted values.

You are right that Serverless instances do not support collations. I am curious, why can’t you use default sorting order - is there a specific collation logic you are using?

MongoDB Atlas Serverless PM team