Cluster down GCP / Belgium (europe-west1)

Hello , is there a maintenance with GCP / Belgium (europe-west1) or what happen my cluster went down

Cluster undergoing maintenance
We are deploying your changes: 3 of 3 servers complete (current action: waiting for restore to finish)

i made no changes

Just FYI, this group isn’t the official support of MongoDB it just a place for the community to try and help (although there are MongoDB employees that do answer) but if you need critical information quickly then I would suggest reaching out to support.

To your question, I believe you SHOULD receive an email if you have a cluster that is in a zone that will be impacted by maintenance, especially if they will make changes to your cluster.

I got no notification, in the status it’s shows that everything working I even buy
A support plan to get some useful support because the chat one just say they will look into it then never reply

I get this since 2 hours :person_facepalming:

We are currently syncing your organization to the Support Portal. Return to this page to create a new case in 5-10 mins when the sync process is finished.

It’s been down litteraly for 10 hours now, I am so desperate and have no idea if it’s only me i am looking if anyone have similar issue that got resolved

According to their website there are no issues currently with the MongoDB Cloud platform. Hopefully support will get back to you soon. :frowning:

that exactly my concern , the last thing i got from support is that the issue is complex :cry: and they can’t give me time

After 8 hours , my cluster is back online , and i didn’t lose any data, the support althought take sometime is very helpfull , i am so glad , thanks to everyone

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