CloudFormation resources (Atlas Project) not working in CDK

Hello, I’m having an issue with the cloud formation resources in a CDK project. I’m calling the project resource directly using the CloudFormation cdk lib, (which is a 1-1 to the Cfn template) the status is stuck as CREATE_IN_PROGRESS until reaching timeout and writes to the error output as Internal Failure.

I’m positive my credentials and permissions are correct because I’m using them as a CLI call to create them and it succeeds.

Is there a known solution for this?

Hi AJ_Ortiz,

Are you able to get any logging of the process? As as I understand it all CF resources, including ours, should work as level 1 CDK constructs and there are no known bugs with the project resource. I’ll see if we can look into this on our side too and try to reproduce.

It would be great to learn more about your use case. If you’d be willing to share please let me know.

Thank you!

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Yes, of course, I’d be happy to. How can I help?

In regards to logging, the only output I would get regarding the project resource was the Internal Failure after timing out the loading bar during deploy.

Hi AJ_Ortiz,

Thank you! I will message you.

Also seeing if I can get some instructions to you on how to potentially log information to help us narrow this down.