Cloud benchmarking ideas

Good morning everyone,
I’m currently willing to develop a cloud benchmark for the MongoDB database,
I have spent many hours trying to understand it and its features, but I’m struggling with the idea of what to benchmark.
I would like to deploy the mongo on Google Cloud and the main idea of the benchmark is to benchmark not the cloud environment itself, but the MongoDB database.
I have looked into different features, such as sharding, geospatial queries, aggregation pipelines, schema verification, and some others, but still, I’m lacking ideas.
Maybe somebody more experienced could tell me what would be interesting to benchmark? Maybe some database options which impact the performance of the database? Something about scaling out with sharding and how it impacts the aggregation pipelining?
It is not necessary for me to benchmark something completely new, some ideas which were partially benchmarked are ok, also already benchmark questions from other databases are fine.
I’m open to any ideas!

Hi @Emil_Balitzki ,

I suggest to read the following articles (maybe even the whole series)

Maybe those will give you some ideas or allow you to ask more specific questions.