Clients from Asia not able to receive the data through Realm GraphQL call

Hello there,
I’m using the GraphQL api for my web app. However, recently I receive issue report that clients at Korea, Japan and China not able to get data through. Issue is here: [BUG] Can't load index data(404 Error) · Issue #2 · ALeafWolf/NXX-Toolbox · GitHub
My app is here:, it works fine at NA, but I tried with VPN at Asia, it just get 404 error with api call.
So just want to ask is MongoDB Realm just not accessible to the Asia client, or there is a bug?

Is anyone supposed to be able to access this site? I also get a 404 if I go to

And I am in North America

Oops sorry, wrong link, was missing a s at the end
You should see a long table if the api call is success. If the call fail, this page will not have the table, and console will say 404 not found