Client-Side Field Level Encryption using C# in Linux

There is an ETA for Client-Side Field Level Encryption for Linux in C# Drivers? I need it! Thanks

Hi @Giorgio_Tresoldi, and welcome to the forum,

This should work with MongoDB .NET/C# driver that is compatible with v4.2 (version 2.10+). See for an example code.

See also Client Side Field Level Encryption Guide.

If you’re encountering an issue trying to perform CSFLE in Linux, could you provide:

  • MongoDB .NET/C# driver version
  • MongoDB server version
  • Any relevant code snippets
  • Any error messages that you’re encountering


Here are specified that “Client-side field level encryption is supported only on Windows.” but my project works on linux docker containers.

Hi @Giorgio_Tresoldi,

Unfortunately you’re correct, although there is a work around there are some tasks that needed to be completed. This is currently scheduled to be worked on, please feel free to add yourself as a watcher or up-vote the issue tracker CSHARP-2715: FLE on Linux/Mac to receive notifications for progress on the ticket.


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@wan Are there any plans to release this functionality? When?
What is the contour output currently?

My application works on Linux Container also.

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