Clarity on MongoDB Community 7.0 support for Windows 2016

Hi there,

I was recently able to install MongoDB 7.0 community edition on my Windows 2016 operating system however on MongoDB documentation support, I am getting mixed messages.

The MongoDB Recommended Platform mentions no support for Windows 2016 under “Platform Support” but “Recommended Platforms” does mention Windows 2016 support.

I wanted to know whether Windows 2016 is or isn’t supported for MongoDB 7.0.


Hi @MaBeuLux88 / Team

I do have the same doubt, can someone help checking this?



Based on what I see here, MongoDB 7.0 dropped the support for Windows 2016. For MongoDB 7.0 it looks like you would be better with a Windows 2019.

The list of recommended platform provides multiple options like Windows Server 2016 and 2019 but the compatibility table is correct.

So basically for Windows:

  • Windows 2016 is recommended for MongoDB < 7.0.
  • But for MongoDB 7.0, Windows 2019 is recommended.

I would personally recommend Debian 10 though… :sweat_smile:


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