Clarifying Serverless pricing

Say I only use the bare minimum or nothing at all on the serverless plan. At the end of a 30 day month would I be charged:
Read: $0.30 x 30 = $9
Write: $1.25
Storage: $0.25 (says billed prorated per day, not sure what that means exactly)
Transfer: $0.015
Total: $10.52/mo minimum

Is that correct?

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Hey @Justin_Harr,

All serverless instances charges are based on actual usage ( meaning you only have to pay for operations you have performed and storage consumed by your data and indexes.

If you do nothing at all (i.e. no queries or writes) and store nothing at all (i.e. no documents stored on your serverless instance), then at the end of the month, you will be charged $0.

Storage being billed prorated per day, means if you’ve stored 1GB of data for 15 days, then you will be charged approximately $0.125 ($0.25/30*15).

Hope that helps.


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