Clarification regarding working of maxTimeMS options

Hi ,

I want some understanding regarding the working of maxTimeMS option in Cursor /find / aggregate…

From my understanding, find operation will internally have some deafult batch size associated with it, hence, if we fire some find query it will fetch and return the result in batches, if the result document exceeds the default batch size. [ For eg., lets say default batch size = 10 and result size = 100, then the find query internally return the results in 10 iterations (10 batches)]

My doubt is that whether maxtimeMS is applicable for the entire cursor iterations(whole find operation) or else for single cursor iteration. Need some help on this. I referred the documentation, can’t able to get clarity. Can anyone able to help me on this one?

I want to configure maxTimeMS for my queries in my project, hence thought of getting good clarity before using it.