Choosing storage when using MongoDB community k8s operator

have seen that the traditional way to install MongoDB on kubernetes was usually to create a StatefulSet with some replicas, and using a persistentvolumeclaim. This would lead to the creation of one pvc per pod.

Can I do the same when using the MongoDB community operator? I would like to have storage elsewhere (ie., not local), either by using NFS or iSCSI, so that I could backup things.

My questions are basically:

  • Can I use other types of storage when using this operator?
  • Will iSCSI work? I have seen in the documentation that iSCSI can only be use in RW-mode from one pod, but I think it would have been a better option for database than NFS.
  • Is it that bad to use NFS - if possible at all - as storage for MongoDB using the operator?
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