Chat Reports: Emailed report does not match actual numbers in dashboard

I’ve created a dashboard with about a dozen charts. Many are of the ‘Number’ variety, just displaying a count of a data point I care about. I’ve scheduled the dashboard to be delivered as a report via email to myself in PDF form. The emails arrive with a PDF attachment and a link to the dashboard.

What’s odd is that the PDF doesn’t match the numbers in the dashboard for several of the charts. And these are numbers that don’t vary greatly from day to day, so it’s not a timing issue. I’ve received the report several times through the week, and several of the charts in the PDF are consistently incorrect. If I manually save the dashboard as a PDF file, the numbers are displayed correctly, it’s just the attached file in the generated report email that is incorrect. This seems to be a bug.

Hi @andrew_morcomb, By any chance, do you have a dashboard filter on the dashboard? If you have, you need to add any filters and save them and click “Apply Filters” and your pdf should reflect what is on the dashboard. Let me know if that works.

good insight, it wasn’t it exactly this, but it pointed me in the right direction. in my case there were no dashboard wide filters in place. however, examining each individual chart, i saw the

setting this value to ‘Ignore’ for the charts that were problematic in the attached pdf solved the issue. thank you.

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