Charts right-click browser context menu disabled without warning

We built a nice dashboard using charts. We combined it with a custom chrome plugin which allows our support team to view real-time failure data and right-click on a specific failure to goto an item-specific page in our internal (not mongodb) dashboard. With a recent release of charts - the ability to right-click on content within a text table chart was removed. Therefore, our support workflow is hosed until we build an alternative. Do mongodb folks have any comments on why this functionality was removed? I chatted with support via the charts website, their answer was, “Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is no longer supported.” Wow - thanks for the warning regarding removing functionality. Very frustrating.

Hey @Chris_Edgington, sorry to hear we broke your workflow and that you weren’t given a good explanation. We’ve suppressed the browser’s context menu on all chart types because we are implementing our own context menu with additional capabilities, most notably the ability to “drill down” to see the documents which contributed to a chart item.

Is it an option for you to use our new click events functionality to create a similar experience with embedded charts, rather than through a browser plug-in? The current beta of click-events doesn’t support table charts, but the next update (due out in a couple of weeks) will.


Honestly I would not want to proceed down that route and make our workflow more dependent on charts functionality. It would be weeks of work to do this and then we’d be more dependent on mongodb charts. Why not provide a chart configuration option to enable / disable the charts custom context menu? Then your customers can use yours or use their own.