Chart SDK - 'preFilter' property is not available for createChart() method in @mongodb-js/charts-embed-dom

As per the document -, Pre-filtering allows the chart author to run a filter after the chart views and before the chart query execution and chart’s own filters.

We are using the latest library. @mongodb-js/charts-embed-dom": "~3.2.1
However, the property in not available for use

  baseUrl: '<your-base-url>',
  chartId: '<your-chart-id>',
  width: 500,
  height: 500,
  preFilter: { "": "Australia" }

Is this something, which has made it to documentation, but not yet available in library?
Thanks in advance for any insights.

@tomhollander - thanks in advance.

Hi @Prakash_Dewan ,

The Pre-Filter feature was supposed to be released as part of v1.45, but the team encountered a bug and is fixing it. The newest version of SDK 3.3+ will be made available soon with the bug fix. We appreciate your patience.

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thanks @Avinash_Prasad. Any ETA for SDK 3.3+