Chapter Completetion

Can anyone tell me is it necessary to complete chapter explicitly or the mongoDB university knows that i completed chapter implicitly (when i completes the chapter) ??

Everything is recorded as you progress through the Chapters. You don’t need to do anything else other than submitting labs etc.


Thanks kanika.
Have you working in any company or working full time for mongoDB.

Hi Rajat,

Thanks for asking. I am a part of MongoDB team only. Working as a Curriculum Support Engineer here. :slight_smile:


Hi Kanika

I have completed the introduction course for this week and have submitted the lab assignments. But my lab score shows 54%. Could you please help me understand if this grade is calculated overall for all labs (including week 2 and 3) or is this only for lab of week 1?


It’s totally normal, that chart shows all that you’ve accomplished so far based on the whole course.

On the Overview page, you will see 3 bars.

  1. Homework: average for all the Labs from all the Chapters (If they have not started, the calculation will consider 0 for Chapter 2,3: that’s why average is 54% instead of 100%)
  2. Exam: it is you score in Final Exam which will be graded after the submission date (End Date)
  3. Overall: It is average of Homework and Exam i.e (Homework + Exam)/2. If you have not attempted Exam yet, calculations will consider 0 till then. Thats how, the Overall grade is (54 + 0) / 2 = 27%


Thanks Kanika and Ricardo for the clarification