Chapter 1: Geospatial Data lecture error?

I could not find many of the fields/objects referred to in the lecture. I found no array named skyCoverLayer in any of the documents in the collection

I do not remember a quiz or lab requiring to look for skyCoverLayer. But may be you do not find it because

Note: In the video above the database name is named “100YWeather”, it should be “100YWeatherSmall”.

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Hi @Aveek_Sen,

This field is not present in all documents. You can run this filter in Compass to get those documents where the skyCoverLayer field is present.


Also, as @steevej-1495 mentioned all the labs and quizzes are consistent with the dataset in the atlas cluster.

Let us know if you have any questions.

~ Shubham

There exists no such field:

Maybe it was in the older collection

You started with the wrong collection. Now it is the wrong field.

You might have better luck with

Cut-n-paste prevents a lot of typing errors.

It doesn’t show up. There was no database by the name you talk of. It was in a previous dataset. So I obviously can’t refer to a database which doesn’t exist

Neither is there anything wrong with the field name right now. I checked again after your comment. There is definitely something wrong in the course lecture and I am politely pointing it out. If you want to continue with the wrong course material, I don’t care. It’s your wish

Hi @Aveek_Sen,

If you look closely in the screenshot that you have shared, the field name that you have typed is - skycoverlayer. However, the correct field name is : skyCoverLayer.

I hope you can see the difference in the Casing here.

Let me know if the issue still persists.

~ Shubham

Thanks this works @Shubham_Ranjan