Chapter 1 Completion status

I have completed all the lectures,quiz and labs in chapter 1; It no where displays that i am 100% chapter 1 complete and there is nothing pending?

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Look at the top of the course and browse to the “Progress” tab. This page will show whether you have done all the required work.

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I have completed all the lectures,quiz and labs in chapter 1, but I can’t go to the chapter 2, please help me ! :pray:

Hi Koitrin,

you can access the Chapter 2 only after Dec. 04. So you just have to wait until then. Best regards

ooh !! Thank you :blush:

what is the rationale behind that ?

There are many possible thoughts behind this. I don’t know whether MongoU have ever officially explained why.

My guess:

  • To allow students to pace themselves: you can take your time to work through the required labs.
  • To force students to apply themselves at least three weeks.
  • To prevent cheating. If you could race through all the labs and quizes in five minutes, then people could simply copy/paste all the answers in one go. That would drop the value of the certificate completely.

i dont see these 3 as good reasons, however, if they do this they must do better scheduling with the other courses that requieres this mongodb baics course right now there have one course which began before mongo basics. sucks

The courses all run in repeating cycles. If you take the basics now, you can take the intermediate or advanced classes next cycle.

My first set was M001, M103 and M201 at the same time. My current set is M220P and M301.

I admit that it would be very nice if MongoU stated their official reasons for their approach. @Kanika

i did not feel comftable taking m103 before knowing the basics …

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Hi Soy_80183,

Sorry for your experience.

You are absolutely right, you should start m103 only after you complete m001 (basics course).

We have offerings for all the courses almost every month. And for some months, there are even 2 offerings.
We cannot predict or restrict students to do the courses as WE want them to do. Take a simple example, there is one developer who knows what MongoDB is, he is using MongoDB from last 1 year. But he want to learn about aggregation framework. So, he don’t want to wait for basics course to complete or some other one after that. He just simply wants to jump to his preferred course and start the course.

And on the other hand, as you are saying, you want to do M001 first and then M103. We always try to align our offerings, for example we had an offering for M001 which ended on 6th November 2018. And after that there was M103 offering which started on 13th November 2018. So, let us know if any feedback you have on this. As we really appreciate the feedback and would like you all to have best learning experience.

As I can see, you are doing M001-November offering which will end on December 18. There is one offering on M103 which starts on 8th of January.

Note: We are in process of having “Unlocked Chapters” which will allow students to access next Chapter if he/she has completed a Chapter before deadline.

Hope it helps!



Oooh, shiny! Some people will certainly be happy about that. As I mentioned, I’d love to read a few blog posts about the MongoU’s team and their work :slight_smile:

i did not feel comftable taking m103 before knowing the basics …

You’re absolutely right @Soy_80183. The only reason why I felt comfortable enough to tackle these simultaneously is because of my prior history with full-stack administration.

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Good question. Maybe it forces us to review the chapter 1 material a few times while we wait.

Anyway to get access to the last labs for completion? It closed before I could complete the scavenger hunt not realizing it was noon. (Thought I had until midnight.)

Hi Jennifer
check “utc time zone” at google. UTC is a univesal time zone. And the courses close at 17:00 UTC. Convert it into your time zone to get the real time at your place.

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