Chapter 01: Lab 1.7: Scavenger Hunt, Part 3

Hello Friends,

This is Abhishek, I am not able to find Ans for this particular Ques “Based on our shipwrecks dataset, how many shipwrecks lay off the coast of Cancun, Mexico? Choose the answer that best describes the number of shipwrecks you are able to find using Compass.”
Could anyone please how I can get that, Actually I am not able Analyze the dataSet, Because MAp is not going to support.


For this lab, you must have support for maps. Else it will simply not work.


Did you see the Lecture Notes on how to enable the Privacy Settings?

You will have to click on the menu:

Help -> Privacy Settings

Yes , I enable but still I won’t work :frowning:

Do you mean, you still cannot see a map after enabling ** Enable Geographic Visualizations** from MongoDB Compass Help Menu?

Try clicking on the small blue circle found on the lower right of MongoDB Compass. This is a ‘chat’ app where you can ask for support from a staff. I assume your issue is uncommon – I have installed Compass DB twice this week (on Debian Linux desktops) and I found both installation successful with regards to showing maps for the exercises on this course.

Hope this helps,


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Lucky you :slight_smile: Compass on Kali Linux gets stuck loading endlessly. Doesn’t even show the “New Connection” window. Glad to see you got it running well Benjamin :slight_smile:

Where is that “Help” menu? I am having Compass on my iMac, but cannot find “help” menu at all.


The Menu Bar is under the MongoDB Compass title, AND above the side Menu;

**Connect View Help **

These are Drop-down Menus. Under the “Help” you will find the Privacy Settings.

That’s not the Mac version though…

@yutao100 is looking for this one:

In case you haven’t solved it yet, do this:

  1. Use Google Maps and confirm the location of the coast in the question here.
  2. Now, since you have confirmed the location of the coast, go to the schema view, zoom into the location you think is the exact location of the coast, randomly select a point (you don’t have to select a “blue spot” there necessarily. Select any point there) and using shift, form a circle.

If you follow this method, the output would give you either one of the following:

a: The Actual Answer
b: The very next step, that will help you get the answer.

I too had problem finding the answer to this question. So i confirmed the location first then played “Hit and Trial” with it.

Hope I was able to help.


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I did the same and it worked for me.