Changing currently used namespace

How do I change my currently used namespace to be firebase
test is the default one, and now I need to use the firebase as I’m integrating firebase to the project
so that whenever I send data to the database from my server it goes to the firebase namespace instead to the test namespace

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 7.15.54 AM

I am connected to my node project with a connection string

I remember seeing it on a youtube video and just by changing something in the connection string but I cant find it again, also tried searching on google but results are different on what I am finding for, so maybe my term is wrong but I hope I explained it clearly here.

What db name you used in your connect string?
Replace that with DBname you want to connect/insert data
If you did not use any DBname it defaults to test

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Hi Ramachandra thanks for the response!
here is my connection string and I don’t specified any DBname so I don’t know at what part to add /replace the DBname

at what part should I add it?

Add after


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