Change time zone in MongoAtlas

Hello, new to Atlas.

At the moment data is written to my databases as 2020-12-16T02:26:11.415+00:00. I don’t understand how to change the default settings so information is written in the DB according to my timezone. That time stamp is showing that it was written 10 hours ahead of me. Even though I create that entry, a few minutes ago.

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Hi @farah

Welcome to MongoDB community.

Are you referring to data in the logs of Atlas instances or the data you write to your collections?

If you use values like $$NOW it uses the server set timezone which is always UTC for Atlas. The logs are also UTC.

If you wish to set your timezone generate the date on application side.



Thank you for the response. I understand now. I was looking to change the Atlas display. I’ve updated my code base to write to Atlas in my timezone instead.

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